Amber Hill Farm LLC, has access to various agents and breeders in Europe and can find you your next dream hunter, jumper or equitation horse at wholesale pricing. Amber Hill Farm will act as your agent, walk you through the transaction and guarantee you will be satisfied with your horse or will purchase the horse back from you. We would never allow our customers to buy a horse that we would not purchase in-house. Below, are a few horses we imported and sold to customers.

Exceptional Breeding

Amber Hill Farm LLC has extensive knowledge of breeding lines in Europe and knows which breeding lines produce the best hunters, jumpers and equitation horses.

Perform above Expectations

Amber Hill Farm LLC has an excellent eye and the horses imported have performed well above expectations

Dripping with Quality

Amber Hill Farm LLC has contacts with various breeders and agents in Europe and can get wholesale pricing which is significantly lower than wholesale prices in the United States.

Available Imports


Elegant Hunter


Quality Hunter


Stunning Hunter

Let us find your next dream horse.
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